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Outdoor seating now open

Hours Available:

Tueday - Friday: 9:00-3pm ; 4pm - 7:30pm

Closed Mondays.

Our menu relies on seasonal availability and our local vendors, and therefore is subject to change on a daily basis.

Adding or changing items may result in a surcharge.

Bread Menu

*limited availability*

Wednesday & Friday - Baguettes

Thursday & Saturday - sourdough

Friday - Challah 

Available 9:00 - 11am

Avocado & Egg Toast - 13

bellwether farms fromage blanc cheese, soft boiled egg, herbs, fruit

Bacon & Egg Sandwich - $12

brioche bread, arugula, cheddar cheese, fruit

Quiche of the Day - $12


Lunch Special 11am - 3pm

Organic Roasted Butternut Squash Soup - 10

green apples, fromage blanc, pumpkin seeds toast, brown butter

Available 11am-3pm

Toasts & Sandwiches

      - Choice of fries or salad on side.

Wild Planet Albacore Tuna Toast- 13.75

green apple, arugula, tomato, parsley

BLTEA - 15

brioche, fried egg, avocado, garlic aioli

Avocado Toast - 12.5

bellwether farms fromage blanc cheese

Roasted Organic Portobello Mushroom & Goat Cheese - 12.5

laura chenel's goat cheese, roasted garlic puree, arugula, tomato

Heirloom Tarragon Chicken Breast- 13.5

green grapes, tarragon, parsley, ciabatta, tomato, lettuce

Heirloom Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich - 13

chili honey, lime cilantro slaw, arugula

Free Range Organic Turkey & Bacon - 15

diestel farm, lettuce, tomato, havarti cheese, mayo, mustard, seeded whole wheat.


11am - 3pm; 4pm - 7:30pm


House Spring Mixed -6/10

vegetables, fruits, feta cheese, champagne vinaigrette

Kale - 7 / 12

apple cider vinaigrette, feta cheese, apples, pears, toasted garlic bread crumbs, toasted almonds

       Piadini/Fried Chicken - 16/18

Pizza (12inch)

(Gluten Free Crust Available)

4 Cheese - 16

truffle goat cheese, blend mozzarella, parm, basil, tomato sauce

Italian Sausage & Kale - 19

house-made sausage, calabrian chili, tomato sauce

Bianca - 21

3 mushrooms, truffle goat cheese, roasted garlic puree, chili flakes, arugula

Vegetables - 17

lacinato & curly kale, roasted cauliflower, roasted eggplant puree, parmesan, lemon thyme vinaigrette

Burrata Pomodoro - 17

basil, sea salt, oregano, garlic, tomato sauce

On Our Pizza:

roasted garlic puree, italian whole plum tomato

roasted eggplant puree, Laura Chenel Goat Cheese

grande cheese company, Cypress Grove Cheese Company


4K Farms Black Angus Grass Fed Beef Burger - 15.5

butter lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese. fries & salad.

Local Lamb Burger - 17

yogurt-dill-feta cheese, roasted garlic aioli, arugula. fries & salad.

Beyond Vegan Burger - 16

balsamic onions, lettuce, tomato, arugula. fries & salad.

*Salad contains feta cheese*


Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli - 17

fried brussels sprout, brown butter sage, saba, parmesan cheese


Heirloom Fried Chicken Parm - 20

basil, fresh mozzarella, pomodoro sauce, rigatoni' pasta, sauce bechamel.

Kids Menu

Pasta & Cheese - 9

Cheese Pizza - 9

Chicken Tenders - 9

Choice of fries or salad

Grass fed Beef Slider - 9

caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, american cheese

choice of fries or salad

Cheese Quesadilla - 8

sour cream & lettuce

Grilled Cheese - 8

choice of fries or salad

Available 4pm - 7:30pm


House Spring Mixed -6/10

vegetables, fruits, feta cheese, champagne vinaigrette

Kale - 7 / 12

apple cider vinaigrette, feta cheese, apples, pears, toasted garlic bread crumbs, toasted almonds

       Piadini/Fried Chicken - 16/18


Heritage Duroc Porter House Pork Chop - 24

organic farro, fall fruits/vegetables, lemon

Today's Market Fish - 25

parsnip puree, fried brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower

(Fish are subject to change base on availability per our vendor)

Angus New York Steak & Truffle Parmesan Fries - 26

chimichurri sauce

Organic Farro Bowl - 15

seasonal fruits & vegetables

Family Meal - $70/$110 (Oct 19 - Oct 24)

Heirloom Fried Chicken Parm

basil, fresh mozzarella cheese, pomodoro sauce

Steam P.E.I Mussels

marinara sauce, chili flakes, basil, white wine

Rigatoni Pasta

bechamel sauce

Organic Mixed Green Salad

apple-cider vinaigrette, fruits & vegetables, feta cheese

Garlic House Foccacia

roasted garlic

Pumpkin Pie



3pp - $70

18 0z Chicken Breast

15 oz Steam Mussels

15 0z pasta


5pp - $110

25oz Chicken breast

25oz steam mussels

25oz pasta

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